Louise Misztal, Conservation Director, Sky Island Alliance

I advocate for science-based and climate smart land management, conduct spatial analysis and mapping, and lead Sky Island Alliance’s springs survey and protection work. I focus on improving land and resource management in the face of a changing climate, and finding creative and constructive ways to collaborate with land and resource managers to better conserve land, water, and wildlife. I hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and in Microbiology, and a Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems from The University of Arizona. For my Master’s work I mapped bi-national conservation priorities for wildlife corridor and habitat protection, restoration, and science exploration in the Sky Island region. I currently serve on the Steering Committee of the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative. I’ve worked as a field biologist on projects including monitoring and habitat assessment for endangered and sensitive species, riparian habitat restoration, and morphological and genetic studies of birds. I grew up hiking and fishing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and love rugged mountains, wild places, and flowing water.



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